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Below are some frequently asked questions about lightsticks and our glow products. They should address most of your queries regarding how the products work. However, if you require more information, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to serve you.

  • Are the chemical lightsticks or glow stick products safe?

Yes. All our chemical lightsticks and products are sealed in plastic casing. Even should the outer casing of the glow lightstick or glow light product is somehow punctured accidentally, the chemical contents are non-flammable and non- toxic.  Contact with eyes should be avoided as it may result in an allergic reaction. Glow light products are not recommended without adult supervision, especially for children under 5 years old.

  • How do lightsticks or glow products actually work?

There are four main components in most lightsticks & glow products:

1)    The plastic outer casing that binds everything together.

2)    The liquid found in the glow stick or glow product.

3)    The glass ampoule that floats freely in the liquid.

4)    The liquid contained within the glass ampoule.

To make these products glow, you need to bend the outer plastic casing in order for the inner glass ampoule to break. Once this is done, the two chemicals within will mix together, causing a chemical reaction, hence resulting in the glow.

  • Does temperature affect the glow in lightsticks in any way?

Yes, usually the warmer the temperature, the brighter or more intense the lightstick will glow. Heat, however, will also shorten the chemical reaction time or the length of time in which a lightstick glow.

A tip to lengthen the time for your lightstick to glow is to reactivate a dimming lightstick or glow product by putting them into boiling water for about 30 seconds. You can lengthen the life span of the glow by  about half an hour more.

  • Can you turn off a lightstick or glow product once they have been activated?

No, once you have bend or break the casing and activated a glow light product, it will glow till the chemical reaction is completed.

However, you can prolong the life of your lightstick or glow product after it has been activated by leaving it in the freezer. When you freeze an activated glow light product, it slows down the chemical reaction. When you take out the lightstick or glow light product from the freezer, it will start to glow again as soon as it reaches room temperature.

  • What if I get the chemical liquid from a lightstick or glow product onto my clothes?

If a lightstick or glow product is ruptured and get onto your clothing, simply rinse the affected area with warm soapy water immediately. If the chemical dries up, it may cause a stain on the clothing.

  • How should I store any un-activated lightsticks or glow products?

Glow light products are to be stored in a cool dry place in their original container or package. Heat and humidity will inevitably shorten the shelf life of any glow light products.

  • How long is the average shelf life of lightsticks or glow products?

Depending on the packaging, the average shelf life is 1 to a maximum of 4 years. Items in foil packaging can last up to a maximum of 4 years and bulk items (with no foil packaging) can probably last only over a year.

  • How long do lightsticks or glow products usually glow for?

Glow light products normally glow from 1 to 12 hours, depending on   the composition, size and type of the product itself. External factors such as the ambient air temperature affect the length of its glow as well.

  • Are these lightsticks or glow products waterproof?

Yes, they are water proof. Scuba Divers use these glow products when diving under water too.